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Welcome to HDD Serial Commander Wiki

HDD Serial Commander is an WYSIWYG utility to control and edit firmware on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal (diagnostic) port.

Most of HDD Serial Commander users contribute to this project because application is a easy learning tool to access diagnostic command port.

HDD Serial Commander has 3 components. Serving as a viewer EXE is a Adobe Air (Flash). It uses SQLite open database which is fully editable. Meaning you can add/setup/delete parameters related to commands or add new commands. Database is shareable. We appreciate if you'd share it back with us. This way we can include your updates in the latest version. Connection to serial hardware is done via SerProxy [] and config file is editable.

S.E.C.T.A. (SgtF3 Error Code Translator & Analysis) is an app to translate error codes on Seagate F3 drives.

Both projects are developed under ADRECA (Advanced Data RECovery Analytics).


This Wiki is a knowledge base for Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung hard drives and other devices on which users collaboratively modify the content. Content may be modified.


Project HDD Serial Commander is supported by users and their contributions. Contributions can be made via PayPal or using crypto currency. Contribute $10 or more to download full version.


Official website

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