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Contributions & Contributors

Thank for considering making a contribution but HDD Serial Commander is no longer active.


Not active


'PayPal Donations:' : Not active Do NOT forget to 'send e-mail' to info at hdd serial commander dOt com after contribution been made. When making contribution via PayPal please wait to confirm your order, you will receive email with instructions. Or simply login to HDDSerialCommander the next day. Thanks for your support!

Hall of Fame

List of contributors from Aug 2016. Thank you!

Yunjian W. Donated 3 times ! 谢谢! (2020)
John V. Donated 2 times! Thank you! (2016)(2018)
Baris K.
Christopher S.
Bruno R.
Evyatar N.
Scott S.
Martin S.
Alex F.
Aroara S.
Paul B.
Darran H.
Azmi Z.
Eder L.
Marcos R.
Petr H.
Veronica C.
Steve L.
Yongki A.
Pierre H.
Nandkishore K.
Grzegorz S.
Ferry L.
Luis B.
Roman Z.
Marcus C.
John B
Giovanni G.
Retro Gamer
Taehun K.
Robert W.
Oren Z.
Resquoo Inc.
Nikola R.
Kevin R.
Klaus Z.
Carle J.
Andrew M.
David E.
John M.
Mecca CC
Steven F.
FAY8 (S)…
Mohsen S.
Alex J.
Joseph K.
Advanced Business
Graham G.
Cyber Core
Thomas B.
Mirlin J.
Barry Electronics
Luigi N.
Almeida N.
Jinsong H.
Jack L.
Jonathan B.
Chaim F.
Kenneth N.
Devin R.
Ioannis S.
Rodriguez M.
Sebastian B.
Tibor S.
Allen L.
Alexandr R.
Jason S.
Serge L.
Aldo V.
Robert H.
Julio R.
Xeval Networks
… many others Donated under $10


Donations have been disabled for almost a year due to a problem with PayPal. Contributions can be made again starting Feb 22, 2020. Due to this issue 27 users were upgraded free. We do appreciate your interest in this project.

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