HDD Serial Commander is now active with limited support!

HDD Serial Commander is an universal utility to control and edit firmware on Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba hard disk drives via a serial terminal (diagnostic) port.

Please contact us if previously made your contribution and login is no longer available.

HDD Serial Commander v2

HDD Serial Commander is NOT a HDD repair nor it is a data recovery software. HDD Serial Commander communicates to a hard disk drive via a terminal or diagnostic port while S.E.C.T.A. is there to translate some of the error codes you get on Seagate drives.


SgtF3 Error Code Translator & Analysis is an app to translate error codes on Seagate F3 drives.

Adobe AIR

The purpose of Adobe AIR is (was) to enable developers to combine Adobe Flash, JavaScript, HTML, ActionScript, and Flex for the deployment of web apps on desktops, laptops, and other devices. This is what project was all about. Since support is no longer there we are not sure what is the future of HDD Serial Commander.

How Does HDD Serial Commander Work

HDD Serial Commander is a step-up from utilities such as Putty or Hyper Terminal. Since hard disk diagnostic port has seen great improvements with its capabilities simple terminal emulator is not good enough anymore.

What Makes This Utility Different?

HDD Serial Commander is designed to help you learn how to use diagnostic port commands on a hard disk drive. In order to resolve firmware related issues on many Seagate hard drives one first have to know how to issue a command, create a sequence or view log data. It also requires knowledge about how firmware is structured so he/she can modify firmware data which will correct the error.

The same applies to some Samsung and Toshiba drives. Most data recovery technicians, engineers and experts know the level of frustration when dealing with terminal commands. Not all hard drive firmware related problems can be "fixed" via diagnostic port and not all drives uses serial port the same way but most of them do. This makes serial port extremely important.

When we first started working on this project in mid 2000s we wanted to simply create a list of available commands and have them issued with point and click method rather than typing the full command. Over the next almost 15 years we kept adding more and more details and options. HDD Serial Commander attaches to an existing serial COM port which corresponds to an existing USB-Serial (TTL) or a simple RS-232. In most cases we used Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA. It also works with any other USB-Serial hardware found in data recovery industry (PC3000, MRT, Dolphins, etc.).


Commands Translated to "Human" Readable Form.

We pride with our outstanding user interface commands sorted in an advanced data grid and grouped by descriptive levels.

Contributors Only

What you get:

  • Terminal Commander
  • Command Queue
  • Advanced Database
  • Commands Queue Manager
  • Firmware Read and Write
  • SgtF3 Error Code Translator & Analysis


  • Dynamic search by various command properties, filter out as you type;
  • Command property info, appears by double clicking on each command. You get the whole command properties as tool-tip over the GO button;
  • Simply drag-and-drop Command from the list to the Command QUEUE and double click to open the Command Builder;
  • Command Builder has extended description, all command properties are listed as separate Attribute Builder data grid.
  • Attribute Builder - lots of properties have multiple attributes that can be used as value. We extended the attribute information with additional description of that value. With check box next to the attribute it is now easy to select specific value for a command attribute


The diagnostic commands are translated to readable form and divided according to their levels. Commands can also be queued, executed and then saved/exported. Database is SQLite and user can edit, add or remove any command, property or attribute.


Why Contribute?

There are many ways to contribute! This project will not make any of us millionaires. Recommended contribution is the number we got as minimal and it based on number of active users Feb 22, 2020 - 1418 users and 61 contributors. Recommended contribution of $50 will help to keep us busy. Goal is to have all Seagate Diagnostic Port Commands translated. As we more or less continuously translate more commands we keep updates coming, host running, wiki, Q&A etc.

If you see yourself involved into growing our community, share/learn more about serial diagnostic (terminal) commands frequently locked or disabled, answer questions and keep wiki going then our recommended contribution is simply a suggestion. Feel free to change the amount or contact us.

Participate Here

Keep in mind only contributors have access to full version, as long as this project is active.

HDD Serial Commander full version includes: Utilities, Actions, Read write FID for Seagate and more Command QueueCommands.

Some options are also available in demo version available to download after simple registration.

Get Started

Contributors have access to download the latest version of HDD Serial Commander (current 2.2.5) as long as this project is active while registered users can download HDD Serial Commander Demo.

If you are not able to make donation but you feel HDD Serial Commander may be able to help you then you should contact us.

Thank you. - HDDSC Team